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Integral to the CHD vision is its aim to locate in-house retail pharmacies in CHD Primary Healthcare Centres in inner city areas, urban settings and rural communities across Pakistan. 


This diversity brings both opportunities and challenges in supporting developments in pharmacy premises improvements. CHD has identified the need to underpin any extended professional roles for community pharmacists by ensuring that their premises are fit for future purpose. This means addressing a range of potential improvements from access to pharmacies for people with disabilities (e.g. visual, hearing, physical), to the provision of areas allowing greater privacy (e.g. for the provision of emergency hormonal contraception, methadone supervision) or simply for clients’ requiring greater privacy.

Positioned at the very front of the building with access directly from the foyer area, it can easily be accessed by customers/patients not using other centre facilities. 


In addition, new and emerging technologies, such as robotic dispensing systems, touch screen technology and the electronic transfer of prescriptions, will serve to further improve the efficiency of pharmacies and address some of the workload issues. These new technologies will assist in freeing up time to allow the community pharmacist to further develop their clinical role in caring for patients and better utilise their knowledge and skills. The future design of pharmacy premises will therefore need to take into account these new technologies alongside providing premises which reflect the clinical role of the health centre pharmacist. 



In the fee-free environment of a CHD Health Centre, a retail pharmacy is the primary source of revenue. Income is generated from the sale of prescription and non-prescription medicines and general pharmacy associated goods and therefore assists in future self-sustainability.


Medicines are dispensed not only from CHD Pharmacies within the CHD Healthcare Centres, but also from stand-alone pharmacies in retail locations.   

Along the lines of the UK's National Health Service, medicines are dispensed free of charge via prescriptions to all children and those who can ill-afford them (determined by means-testing). The ratio of free prescriptions to paid ones varies greatly and depends on the demographics of the surrounding area. A 'fair price' is charged from all other patients.


The CHD brand instils trust with its guarantee of safe, internationally approved own-brand medicines and 

qualified community pharmacists trained to give advice and private consultations.