The Difference Between Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah


They both count as charity.... 

  • Sadaqah will benefit the recipient once and count as one good deed for the giver. For example, providing a meal for a poor family will count as a single good deed.
  • Sadaqah jariyah will continue to benefit the giver (even after death) for as long as the sadaqah jariyah continues to benefit the recipients. For instance, a water well could provide drinking water for generations to come and would therefore continue benefiting you as sadaqah jariyah.

Sadaqah Jariyah For The Deceased


 Views on whether benefits from prayer, Hajj, fasting or reading the Qur’an reaches the deceased is varied amongst Muslim madhabs; however, there is consensus on sadaqah.

Imam Muslim mentioned in his introduction to his Saheeh that Abd-Allah ibn al-Mubarak said:

 “There is no difference of opinion concerning giving charity on behalf of the deceased.”  

And the Prophet ﷺ said: When a person dies, all his good deeds will also come to an end except for three: 

  1. Sadaqah Jariyah ( a continuous, flowing, on-going charity), 
  2. Knowledge which is beneficial, 
  3. A virtuous descendant who prays for him.

Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Sahih Muslim.  


The beauty of Sadaqah Jariyah is that it is the perfect way of honouring the memory of a loved one. The benefits to the deceased and the donor continue for years to come. The donor further benefits from the abundance of du’as made by recipients that are complete strangers to them. 



Sa’d ibn ‘Ubaadah’s mother died when he was absent, and he said:  “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died when I was absent. Will it benefit her if I give in charity on her behalf?” The Prophet ﷺ said: “Yes.” S’ad said: “I ask you to bear witness that my garden that bears fruit is given in charity on her behalf.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 2756. 

CHD Memorials


A permanent memorial for your loved ones

At each CHD Primary Healthcare Centre the ‘Thank You’ wall lets everyone see how that particular centre came to be.

You may have thought about it many times over the years but were never able to do anything about it? It may not have been procrastination on your part, but when you have so many responsibilities and commitments in this modern world we live in, many desires and obligations are left unfulfilled. The desire to face your parents on the day of judgement knowing that you fulfilled your duty grows with time. 


How then, do you invest in a sadaqah jariyah project that benefits countless people every day, without you having to worry about how to run it.

An opportunity now avails itself that can help you fulfil your sadaqah jariyah wishes for your deceased loved ones; for they will receive the benefit of your donation for many years to come in sha’Allah. 


Each major donation  

• Is honoured with an elegant plaque measuring 50 cm x 30cm on an exclusive  ‘Thank You’ wall within the centre;

• Lists the name of the major donor and type of donation, such as land, building finance, or medical equipment;

• Lists the name(s) of the beneficiary for whom the healthcare centre is sadaqah  jariyah. 

 A separate plaque honours those from abroad who make small regular contributions via The Chibistan Trust..  


Memorial Centre

A sadaqah jariyah opportunity also exists to have the primary healthcare centre named after a loved one; It would be named for example:  Abbas Ali Memorial - Primary Healthcare Centre 

We may even be able to build a centre in or near a location of your choice. 

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